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Minecraft Guide

Prior to your Minecraft class please set up what your child will need for the virtual classroom in general according to our instructions. Please ensure you complete the set-up well in advance of your child’s class so that the class can run as smoothly as possible.

Which programs will need Minecraft set-up?

  • Any Minecraft program (weekly, camps, daily program)
  • Any Incubator program (weekly, camps, daily programs)
  • Weekly Mini Maker Minecraft
  • Mini Maker camps
  • Minecraft party attendees
  • If your registered program is listed above, please have Minecraft Java edition set-up prior to your fist class or session. Trials and weekly Mini Maker programs do not need Minecraft downloaded.

    Check the Requirements: Your child will need a laptop or desktop to participate. Chromebooks, iPads, game consoles, mobile devices, and tablets cannot be used. You can find more specific requirements here.

    Get a Minecraft Account: Individual Minecraft edition accounts will allow mentors to differentiate between makers when operating a Minecraft Server. This would allow makers to use their accounts outside of scheduled class times, work on projects in their own worlds and further explore the world of Minecraft! We have created a Minecraft Account Creation Video that you can access to learn how to make a Minecraft account. An account will cost $35. If your child already has a Minecraft Java edition account, they can use it in class! You will not need to purchase a second one.

    Install Minecraft:
    Please ensure you have the Java version of Minecraft downloaded on your PC or Mac. We recommend you spend time watching the MakerKids Minecraft Installation tutorial prior to the class (Mac, Windows)
    Join the Server: Upon registering, you should receive our server address. The server is only available for your scheduled class or session. We have a Minecraft Controls Video we recommend you watch prior to your first class in order to test your controls. You can test your controls out in single-player mode.

    If you need set-up assistance, we would be happy to help! E-mail info@makerkids.com or book a tech check here.