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Mini MakerKids: Minecraft (Virtual)

In our weekly MiniMakers Minecraft program kids gain invaluable computer experience (navigating graphical interfaces, mouse and keyboard control, interacting with the operating system, etc.) while also being introduced to more advanced concepts such as remote servers and running commands. Most importantly of course they'll be communicating and collaborating with a team of other kids equally excited about Minecraft learning how to be a good netizen while making friends and having fun.

At MakerKids we use the incredibly popular game Minecraft as a medium to help kids build transferable skills such as coding, electronics, 3D design, servers, and more. We leverage kids’ interest in Minecraft as a gateway to introduce them to other STEM topics such as Robotics and Coding. Whether a kid is new to using computers and is simply practicing with controls, has been online for years and wants to start coding their own games or administering their own server, or anywhere in between, Minecraft is a fun and social platform to engage on.

Skills Learned: Social Skills, Patience, Communication, Teamwork, Problem-Solving, Coding, 3D Design

Breaks and games are also included for kids to exercise their imagination, have fun and strengthen team-building.